ORA Receive Investors in Young People Award


At ORA we recognise great talent and potential in each of our employees at all ages and we are proud to announce that we have received the Investors In Young People Award. We fully support the development of young employees and their understanding of working so we can encourage them in their future careers.

Sitting alongside our Investors in People Gold Award, this new accreditation encourages our current, and all future employees, to continue to want to better themselves and grow within our business. Knowing they can always rely on our support to build their experience and qualifications, to help seek new opportunities and encourage them to work their way up the career ladder or wherever their passions lead them. Investing in young people’s careers and education help motivate the business and offer fresh ideas to help our practice grow.

If you are familiar with our core values of Creativity, Passion, Professionalism and Trust, you will understand how we operate as a business. With the IIYP award we can encourage and welcome more people to our practice. Young people that are creative, ambitious and passionate about a career at ORA.

We look forward to continuing our investment in the future.