Planes, trains and Automobiles

Planes Trains and Automobiles

ORA’s current workload truly does stretch to the four corners of the UK and in particular the south east of England.  With ORA’s office only a short 15 minute drive from Edinburgh airport one can make a typical site, client or design team meeting within central London by 9am.

Daily flights depart from Edinburgh to Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow between 6:30am and 7am, flight time is typically 1 hour.  The flight itself often provides a chance to catch a quick snooze before arrival where it’s then onto to the railway station.  Typically the Stansted express or Gatwick express take about 40 minutes to get you into the heart of London.

It’s a strangely satisfying experience walking out of Liverpool Street Station in the financial heart of Western Europe with the Gherkin, Shard and other shimmering glass skyscrapers to greet you.

On occasions you will need to take the tube to get to your final destination however London is such a well connected city it really is pretty straight forward once you get your bearings.

The return journey is usually a little less frantic with flights departing 7pm or 10pm.  There is often a little time to take in a small piece of the city’s culture and admire the myriad of old and new architecture that make London so vibrant.  However you don’t want to delay setting off on your return journey too much as one or two colleagues will testify….. Sprinting to the airport departure gate at 10pm is best avoided.