27 Affordable Housing Units, Dunlin Drive, Dunfermline, Fife

The highly innovative and successful Housing Innovation Showcase 2012.opened it’s doors to the public for 3 weeks in May 2012.  It’s main objective was to test different methods of modern construction that demonstrated design flexibility, cost certainty, energy performance and which had the potential to be integrated into the procurement of larger scale developments.  It comprised of 27 units in the form of ten blocks, each block used a different method of construction. The systems included:

  • Prefabricated super insulated timber panels
  • Prefabricated pods
  • Clay Block Construction
  • Polystyrene Block Construction
  • Breathing Wall Construction

In addition different renewable technology and the use of mechanically vented heat recovery units were explored:

  • Solar Thermals
  • Photovoltaics
  • Combined PVT Panels
  • Micro Combined Heating Plant

The Showcase is being monitored by Napier University over a two year period and will include Post Occupancy Evaluation.

Client:Kingdom Housing Association
Contractor:Campion Homes Ltd
Contract Value:£ Undisclosed
Completed:May 2012