Phases 1 – 8, Tanshall Regeneration Programme, Glenrothes

Kingdom Housing Association Ltd commissioned ORA to design a total of eight sites within the Tanshall and Caskieberran areas of Glenrothes. These areas are part of the original 1960’s ‘New Town’ proposals. On each of the sites stood 3 storey flats that had become the subject of anti-social behaviour. Over a 12 year period each one of these were raised to the ground.

Family homes, Cottage flats and contemporary flats were built in place of these flats and the previous dominant presence of the car was reduced. The encouragement of social interaction between areas is promoted via welcoming open green spaces and pedestrian networks linking new with old.

The main challenges experienced on the project were the plethora of uncharted services and shallow rock.

Client:Kingdom Housing Association Ltd
Typology:Affordable Housing