Scotland’s First Drive Through

Oliver and Robb Architects (ORA) have been fortunate to build long term relationships with many of their clients. One of them being William Stephens the Baker, now in their 145th year. Earlier this year they opened Scotland’s first drive through bakery in their home town of Dunfermline, reinforcing their forward-thinking approach to the bakery business.

Not afraid to try new things Stephens acquired the site in 2015 with a view to meeting the demands of today’s society where convenience and speed are paramount.  Stephens the Baker commissioned ORA to design and deliver Scotland’s first drive through bakery so that their aspirations could be realised and they could continue to serve their regular customers with the award-winning quality they are used to.

Work started on site in May 2017 and was completed in December. After a fit-out period the bakery was opened in early January 2018 with the first drive through customers being the children from Milesmark and McLean Primary Schools in their custom-made Mustang with a personalised registration plate BR1 DEE.

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