Why Choose Passivhaus?

With the Building Regulations tightening, requiring more energy efficient buildings and the Government targeting zero carbon new homes by 2016, the Construction Industry have two major challenges to address.  Passivhaus provides a crucial solution to both.

At present many conventional buildings, designed and built in the past few years, demonstrate a performance gap in terms of energy use, ventilation and indoor air quality, and thermal comfort and overheating.  Passivhaus has been developed to close this gap while providing an approach that is quality assured throughout.  Passivhaus buildings have been shown to deliver reduced energy use, good indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

ORA have now designed two certified Passivhaus homes within Fife:- the ‘one off’ Kingdom House at Pittenweem and another as part of the Housing Innovation Showcase 2012 at Dunfermline.  Some clients have opted not to go for Passivhaus Certification but have retained the principles of Passivhaus.  This was the approach taken for a ‘one off’ low energy house at Dornoch that  is currently under construction.

At ORA we have developed and put into practice our low energy design expertise, which now includes thermal modelling, combined with our in depth knowledge of modern methods of construction we can design low energy buildings, Passivhaus or otherwise, to suit your requirements.

If you wish to know more about low energy design or Passivhaus please contact David Tibbs.