Private Home, Strathkinness, St Andrews

This 1.5 storey private dwelling-house sits on the north side of Strathkinnes High Road, St Andrews and is a carefully considered response to it’s immediate surroundings and the Client’s brief. It is located on the western periphery of St. Andrews within a residential area containing a mix of traditional and more recent contemporary dwellings.  Most homes are either 1.5 or 2 storey within the immediate vicinity.

The Client required the ground floor arrangement to take into account 3 factors, namely:-

  • the ability for the occupant to live solely and comfortably within the ground floor if required.
  • to ensure that all living space has a southerly or westerly aspect and that all rooms benefit from optimum daylight.
  • to create an identifiable entrance with ease of access and egress to the garage and for passive surveillance of the entrance driveway.

The first floor accommodation is laid out so that the guest bedroom, main living area and associated terrace take advantage of southerly views outwith the site.

The external appearance of the dwelling adopts a contemporary aesthetic, insofar as the dwelling is conceived as a modern solution with a contemporary interpretation on traditional architectural idioms underpinned by the use of traditional and natural materials.

Location:St Andrews
Typology:Private Housing